Join us as we explore the world of wood and workspaces. 

The Teak Standing Desk

The pros and cons of teak wood furniture

What makes Teak such an incredibly popular material for furniture? Geek out over its superpowers and weaknesses as we explore the pros and cons of teak wood furniture.

Wood furniture care

8 easy tips for wood furniture care

Wood furniture is rapidly regaining its popularity as Malaysians get more accustomed to interior design styles and have access to a wider range of products.

The KSK Standing Desk

What is KSK wood?

KSK wood, short for Kembang Semangkuk, is a versatile South East Asian timbre used in a variety of ways such as furniture-making, interior finishing and flooring.

The Suar Standing Desk

What is Live Edge?

Live edge is a popular design element in woodcrafting and furniture making. Find out what is and why it’s highly sought after.