What is KSK wood?
The KSK Standing Desk

If you’ve gotten a chance to peruse our humble website, it’s very likely you’d be familiar with most of the wood slabs we carry. Teak is, of course, one of the most iconic solid wood. Suar is becoming highly sought after due to its stunning patterns. And even if you were unfamiliar, it wouldn’t be hard to guess that Rubberwood came from rubber trees. 

But we realize many of our customers aren’t familiar with the last piece in our standing desk collection, KSK wood. And that’s a shame because it’s certainly one of our best sellers due to its sleek, dark wood tones. So here’s some information about the Kembang Semangkuk! 

What is KSK wood?

While it might not be well-known among end consumers, KSK isn’t as uncommon as you might think. It’s ubiquitous among interior designers and furniture makers across SEA because of its versatility.

Classified as a light hardwood in Malaysia, it’s known to be soft to moderately soft, and light to moderately heavy, which makes it easy to work with for anything from furniture to interior finishing such as cabinet making, paneling, and flooring.

KSK wood characteristics

KSK wood is naturally light yellow to light brown. We get the deep wood tones on our KSK slabs through treatment and finishing to protect the wood from moisture and pests. Site note: finishing determines the shades and colours you get on any solid wood. Speak to our wood experts if you’re looking for a desk with a specific shade to fit your workspace.

In terms of natural durability, KSK slabs are known to be moderately durable against fungi. It is, however, susceptible to tiny pests, and that’s why we apply a special treatment for our slabs. Part of the versatility of KSK wood is that it’s easily treatable. That said, as with any solid wood, it’s important that you care for your KSK furniture. A scratch is a scratch no matter what treatment is applied.

KSK wood

KSK Standing Desk

So there you have it, a few things to note about KSK – a somewhat lesser-known solid wood type to end consumers, but widely used in furniture-making and interior design especially across SEA. 

Speak to our wood experts if you’d like to know more about our KSK selection, or if you have something else in mind 🙂

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