Customize a Desk

Customization is a big part of high quality solid wood craftsmanship - it's what we do. As all custom-jobs go, every job is unique. That's why we need to speak with you first to determine your workspace needs.

Contact us to find out what you can customize, and how to begin your solid wood customization journey today.

Customize dimensions

Max length 1,100-1,800mm, max width 700-800mm

Customize finishing

Choose a specific finishing for your wood slab to get the desired wood tone (e.g. dark, bright) that fits your workspace design.

Live edge or straight edge

Teak and Suar wood slabs come with live wood edges, retaining their natural look as a living, organic work of art. But you can also request standard straight edges at no extra charge.

Curved or straight corners

Prefer rounded corners for your standing desk? Hit us up.

Customization Guide

Found what you were looking for?

Or use the chatbox or contact us to speak to our solid wood experts.