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Customization is a huge part of high quality hardwood craftsmanship. You choose hardwood because it's a customized experience, down to the unique patterns that exist exclusively in a single slab.

As all custom-jobs go, every job is unique. We need to speak with you to determine your workspace needs.

Contact us to find out what you can customize, and how to begin your solid wood customization journey today.

Teak Height Adjustable Desk

Customize Dimensions

Live Edge or Straight Edge

Customize Finishing

Curved or Rounded Corners

Cable Mgmt Slot

**Not recommended for Teak & Suar slabs

Add-on Wheels

Customization Guide

For the moment, we can only customize the length of your desk to anything between 1,100mm-1,800mm. 

We generally discourage adjusting the width of your desk as it affects the stability of the dual-motor desk frame. However, depending on the stock we have at any given time, we might be able to customize the width of your desk – anything between 710mm-800mm. 

We do not charge extra to customize dimensions, as long as it’s within the parameters listed above. Our pricing is based on the 3 slab sizes we have in stock (1,200mm, 1,500mm and 1,800mm). 

However, it’s important that you understand how we charge. For example, if you want to customize your slab length to 1,570mm, we’ll have to use our 1,800mm slabs for this custom job. We can’t add that length to a 1,500mm slab. 

Here’s a full list of the pricing for a better picture:


  • Between 1,100mm-1,199mm: RM2,399
  • Between 1,200mm-1,499mm: RM2,599
  • Between 1,500mm-1,800mm: RM2,799


  • Between 1,100mm-1,199mm: RM2,899
  • Between 1,200mm-1,499mm: RM3,299
  • Between 1,500mm-1,800mm: RM3,699


  • Between 1,100mm-1,199mm: RM4,399
  • Between 1,200mm-1,499mm: RM5,099
  • Between 1,500mm-1,800mm: RM6,399


  • Between 1,100mm-1,199mm: RM5,099
  • Between 1,200mm-1,499mm: RM6,099
  • Between 1,500mm-1,800mm: RM7,099

Straight edge is common in all furniture, and it means, cutting off the edges uniformly. For example, if we’re going for a rectangular desk shape, we’ll cut out a rectangle shape from the slab we have. It’s easy to produce because it’s straightforward.

Live edge is very different. Beyond trying to achieve a desired shape for the slab, in this case, a rectangle, the woodcrafter also attempts to retain the natural curves and grooves of the edges of the original tree and its bark. A “living” edge of the tree. 

Live edge is a highly sought after style in solid wood design, and it comes in all of our Teak and Suar desks. 

However, customers can choose to cut off the live edge for a more standard straight cut desk. We don’t recommend it as it affects the value of the solid wood slab, but design is truly a personal preference. 

Find out more about Live Edge here

We can change the tone or colour of your slab with the type of finishing we use. However, this is dependent on the wood type.

For Teak and Suar slabs, we recommend not messing with finishing as they’re stunning enough in their most natural form. 

For Rubberwood and KSK, there are a few types of finishing available, and you can generally start the process by thinking whether you want a bright or dark-coloured slab. 

Please contact us if you’d like to customize the finishing of your Rubberwood or KSK slabs. 

No, we only sell our solid wood desks as a complete package. 

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