Our Story

We love designing great looking work-inspired wood furniture at Woody Lab.

We love good wood.

Woody Lab has been in the business of good wood for more than a decade. We come from a background of commercial interior designers specializing in wood fabrication. Our firm designs, sources, and develops large scale projects for clients across retail, F&B, hotel & tourism, and events. If you’ve been to any of the largest shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, there’s a good chance you’ve seen in some of our projects. 

We started Woody lab because we’re in love with good wood craftsmanship, and we’re hoping to spread an appreciation for the artform through the beautiful furniture we design.

We love making work better.

Our focus on work-inspired solutions stem from our own explorations in ergonomic interior design. Today’s modern work culture may have brought about unprecedented wealth and improvements, but it’s also pretty clear it’s facilitated the kind of sedentary work habits that are giving rise to a host of chronic health complications in society. 

We aim to help people cultivate healthier lifestyle habits through our workspace solutions. And furniture design is our canvas. 

Join us in our journey exploring healthy workplace habits.