The Best Hardwood Standing Desks

Sit. Stand. Lean. Move freely with your best work on a premium hardwood slab powered by dual-motor adjustable sit to stand desk frames.

Wood Work space.

Hardwood ergonomics

Woody Lab’s adjustable standing desks are built with the finest slabs, merging natural hardwood beauty with functional workspace solutions designed for movement and healthier postures. 

Moves silently.

Keep audible distractions
down to a minimum. Dual-motor height adjustable standing frames produce just 45 decibels so you can focus on the work that matters.

It remembers your height.

With smart programmable-memory, switch to your perfect sit to stand height with a single-tap.

Dual-motor powerlifter.

Good quality hardwoods are heavy and Woody Lab’s dual-motor height adjustable desk frames lifts loads of up to 100KGs.

Customize it.

Customization is a huge part of high quality hardwood craftsmanship. Speak to our wood experts to begin your customization journey.

Teak Height Adjustable Desk

Ships across West Malaysia within 7-14 days.

Step 1: Purchase

Complete Purchase.

Choose your wood type, dimensions, and any add-ons and complete your purchase. Contact us for additional customizations or to pick your wood slab prior to purchase.

Step 2: Pick your slab

Pick your slab.

We'll contact you within 24-hours to help you pick a wood slab that you'll love. Contact us to select your slab before purchase.

Step 3: Delivery + Installation

Delivery + Installation

We'll deliver within 7 days (Teak & Suar 7-14 days). Your hardwood is precious, so don't worry about installation. We'll handle it.


Dark and glossy, the sleekest hardwood desk ever.

From RM2,799


A neutral, light-blonde wood tone to fit any workspace.

From RM2,399


The iconic hardwood with out of this world durability.

From RM6,099


The most stunning hardwood on a single-piece slab.

From RM5,099

What our customers say

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Excellent service and product. They provide different wood options depending on your budget and the ability to customize the size you need is just great. I chose suar wood and they went one step further by allowing me to choose the wood grain I prefer, from the ones they have available at that moment. They delivered on time and demo on how to use the controls. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
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Made a trip to the showroom and decided immediately to get it and super happy to have made the choice. Slab was pretty, got the size that fits well into my room as a good upgrade to my home office... for those who are thinking of buying do make a trip to see the actual product... Initially I thought 150 cm would serve but decided on the 180 cm after seeing and testing out the actual product.
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From the moment I made an enquiry to purchase this table, I was happy to hear from Mr Kua who helped me with all my questions. Other than getting a great looking table, fully functional and sturdy; I have also received outstanding service from him throughout the whole process from delivery, installation and after sales service. Highly recommended!
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Highly recommend WoodyLab, they did an awesome job with answering my questions and helping me choose the slab for my home office. The piece of teak wood is gorgeous and the motor mechanism is impressively quiet
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Money well spent for standing desk! Would like to buy the teak wood but KSK wood is already good enough for me! looks sturdy and oh boy it so beautiful.LESSGOOO Woodylab! Thanks for the desk
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Excellent experience both with the table itself as well as the service provided. Really satisfied with the quality of the solid wood table. They even helped customise the table to my requirements. Recommend this highly!
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Amazing product. Very professional service and fast assembly.
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Service is very good! Standing desk is affordable and built well.
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Amazing workmanship, top notch quality and service! Was pretty worried due to the lack of reviews and ratings. But i was worried for nothing as the product turned out stunning. Sturdy wood, quiet and smart mechanics. Mr Kua is super helpful and they offer the best after sales service! BEST! 😎
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Bought KSK. Managed and assembled by Mr. Kua. Quality product and professional service! Highly recommended to all.
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Amazing service from Mr Kua. Place order for table last week Friday and today received the table. Excellent customer service as they customize the cable hole to meet your needs. Also it comes with a targus power sockets with usb points. All in all, very happy with the workmanship, quality of mechanism and the 1st class service.
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I purchased 2 teak tables from them and their service is top notch with great quality tables. Undeniably will support woody lab. Thanks Mr. Kua for the great service!
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Been doing lots of research and I was quite scared to purchase this due to lack of reviews and rating. After much considerations, I decided to purchase it. No regret at all, it’s soo worth the price. Sturdy solid wood. And the mechanics are really quiet. And Mr Kua even gives some extra items for my monitor setup. He really cares about the product quality. And the end product is just so stunning.
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5 well deserved stars for exceptional value, service and professionalism. Highly recommended.
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Responsible. Communicates along every step of the purchase. E.g. photo updates to show customer the progress which make people feel safe because we are paying 4-6k+. The wood desk quality is best! Do ask before you actually place an order for the choice of wood slab, also the design of the table. After all done then only place an order and proceed to payment. Don’t hesitate if you are thinking of getting one from woody lab, definitely worth it.